Havens is then picked up by a group of intelligence agents, led by Fitzgerald.Miller arrives and, through a long gunfight on the highway, kills several agents and reclaims Havens.

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Miller reunites with Feck and they, with Havens, get on a train heading for Austria.

Havens is attacked by Bernard (Falk Hentschel), an assassin sent by Quintana to retrieve the Zephyr and Feck, and kill Miller. Miller escapes with the battery, but is seemingly shot on the rooftop and falls to his death in the river.

He drugs a shocked and confused Havens, warning her about the agents who will come after her and that she is not safe with them.

Waking up at home, Havens struggles through a day fitting a bridesmaid's dress for her sister's wedding, and is shocked to learn her sister would like to sell their father's 1966 Pontiac GTO tri-power, which Havens had planned on finishing as a wedding present.

They try to kill Miller and Havens with an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Before they escape by helicopter, Havens is knocked-out by Miller since she is afraid of flying.She is drugged with a prototype truth serum before being rescued by Miller, who was tracking Fitzgerald, who was delivering Feck to Quintana.Chaos erupts throughout the streets and Quintana is killed by a bull stampede.The New York Observer analyzed the marketing for the film, which included an attempt at pushing a "viral video" of the two main stars; journalist Christopher Rosen commented on the desperation level of the publicity campaign, "the marketing for this thing has seemed more intrusive and desperate than any other big-ticket release in some time." Film producer Don Carmody commented negatively regarding the film's trailer, calling it "dull", and stated the film would not do well because of the age of its two stars, "Cameron Diaz I think was a star, but she’s no longer a star.Some of those stars are getting a little up there (in age)." The Hollywood Reporter noted, "potential viewers remain startlingly indifferent to whether they actually end up seeing it.And attention thus far is still drawn mostly by those under 25, which indicates that the fans who grew up with star Tom Cruise have moved on." Los Angeles Times noted, "In addition, Cruise and Diaz are not as popular with younger moviegoers, who often drive big opening weekends in the summer. Among teenage and college-age males, the movie is barely registering, according to people who have seen the survey results." Upon hearing that tracking data on June 22, 2010, showed the film was not likely to produce revenue over million in its first five days on screen, a FOX executive told The Wrap he was "confounded", and commented, "Tracking says one thing, but our sneak previews this weekend said something totally different. but if you look at the empirical data, we’re nowhere." New York Magazine reported that the day prior to the film's release, a long scene from Knight and Day was made available on i Tunes, in an attempt to improve the lackluster 28–31% "definite interest" level of the movie.