Most recent reports indicate that Watson suffered two broken legs and is in a critical condition.

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Of course, we cannot simply apply all their templates to Trinidad: if we did, some politicians would be in jail, and 90 per cent of the population would be cast in concentration camps (well, jail cyah hold all ah we! As far back as in 1967, city planners saw the need for rail-based urban transport by 1992—25 years ahead!

By comparison, that was the same year in which the Dr Eric Williams Government was dismantling the remaining rail system in Trinidad.

Three main highways—Beetham, Churchill-Roosevelt and Uriah Butler—have been widened, force-fitting six lanes into spaces that were designed to hold four.

Except for the interchange, the ongoing extension of the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway (San Fernando to Point Fortin) and the upgrading of a few secondary roads, nothing substantial has been added to our network.

For as long as we keep adding vehicles to the huge stock we already have, and until we institute a rapid transit system (or systems) that works, we shall be condemned to spending more hours confined in our vehicles than we spend at our places of work or in our homes. However, there are some aspects of their orderly society that we can learn from, and one is their mass transit systems.

Whenever we are in a bind, we often look far to Singapore, to see how they handled problems that are similar to ours. Bear in mind that this city-state is 718 square kilometres small (T&T 5,131), but it has a population of 5.4 million against our 1.3 million.

With vehicular density (cars per 1,000 people) somewhere around 600 and growing, and Government boasting of vehicle sales as a barometer of a robust economy, we shall soon reach saturation where, if all the vehicles take to the roads at the same time, the country would be stricken with severe traffic constipation.

Over the past 20 years, how many kilometres of new roads have been constructed in this country?

Born in Siparia on January 25, 1987 Salandy began boxing at the tender age of 11 under the tutelage of Kim Quashie and later Fitzroy Richards.

Her exploits in the boxing ring brought great attention to the sport of boxing and earned her several awards including the Chaconia Gold Medal in 2007.

But do not expect a free flow of traffic when it’s completed.