For me it does not matter that the employee still works there; even if they worked elsewhere it would still not be appropriate. There seem to be two important aspects to consider.

Parents, guardians, the state, the ministry entrusted this child to the staffer and program's care. First, what is the maturity of the two individuals (e.g.

I doubt that many romantic relationships between staff and clients that may have become public after the client left care, actually started growing only after the client left care.

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Not only because of your professional standards, but to be ethical as well. I don’t think it is appropriate to go from a caregiver role to having a relationship with someone.

I would be concerned about the boundaries of a staff member who would think that they could change this, even if the young person is now an adult.

This question was asked of a colleague during child protection training and I was initially horrified that the question was even asked.

My own view is we are there in a corporate parenting role with the young people we work with, whether as direct care staff or ancillary staff, and it would never be alright to engage in this type of relationship.

For the youth to continue to grow, create and maintain healthy relationships, any romantic relationships should be outside of the facility.

If the youth and worker wish to remain connected, there should be no issue with that.

There are plenty of other people to have relationships with, it makes me wonder what was going on while the youth was in their care? Most agencies have a policy prohibiting currently employed staff from forming romantic relationships with former clients of the agency for some minimal amount of time, usually 2 years or more.

It doesn’t make sense to me and I question the staff member’s motives, past relationship with the young person and boundaries over all. If the staff member held some professional licensure, the ethics policy of the license granting board will more than likely speak to such a relationship forming, as well.

I have former youth from my group home on Facebook.

As well, it's not unusual for Workers to visit with former youth, as after years of working together there is still some sort of bond. No as there is still a previous relationship which has a power imbalance.

In terms of the OK-ness of the situation, I would want to know whether the staff member directly provided care or therapeutic services to this “ex-youth”?