TC: We shot it in mid-February and people were walking around with huge scarves over their faces. Pitchfork: One of the best parts is when that little boy turns around and just stares at you guys-- he's scarred for life now.

MJ: Have you seen that scene where he freezes him and then just smashes him? MJ: He was probably just looking at the camera-- or at least that's what we'll say so that we don't feel bad about scarring little children.

From Aphex Twin's "Windowlicker" to D'Angelo's ["Untitled (How Does It Feel)"](

v=9Mb Gdc5Nx8Y ""Untitled (How Does It Feel)"" ), great music videos are quick bursts of sound and vision that leave an indelible impression.

But in the end, this very idiosyncratic, homo-erotically charged essay is above all about time: 'Time influences everything.

The past has to do with the present, and the present is linked to the future.

According to Pansittivorakul, known for his independently-produced and taboo-breaking documentaries on homosexuality and politics, his first feature is science fiction, yet it is about today's Thailand.

For instance he criticizes the need for religion and superstition.

It's a nice place to be, even though the inhabitants are plagued by an indefinable nostalgia.

In the old days, people could at least touch each other.

The young teacher Ernst Ostertag falls head over heels in love with the transvestite star Robi Rapp and finds himself torn between his bourgeois existence and his commitment ...