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Ballina is located at the mouth of the Richmond River in northern NSW.

The entrance is protected by breakwaters on either side.

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Due to my inability to trim the length of files, I can only provide one 155MB Downloadable sample clip (and a few jpgs) available here. I have wanted a helmet cam for some time and agonised for ages over what to buy. Despite absorbing all the reviews of helmet cams I could find I impulse bought the Ion Air Pro Lite from Tesco, which cost £59 and seemed to be such a good deal I couldn’t resist it.

Speed and red light cameras have a proven record in reducing the road toll.

An evaluation completed in 2014 by the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) found that Queensland’s speed and red light cameras were estimated to be associated with savings of nearly 6,000 police reported crashes annually between 20.

Speeding and running red lights are major causes of road crashes.

Driving through a red traffic light increases your chances of crashing into a pedestrian or vehicle that has started moving through the intersection from a different direction.

There's always that one nutter who tries streaming them and then complains when they look terrible - you don't want to be this guy. I much prefer the tube format over cube, but seems like pretty limited mounting options (no handlebar mount)Are there any good cameras with more than 2-3 hours record time?