When you transfer multiple albums to your Microsoft Zune media player, you usually don't notice that some album art is missing or incorrect.

However, this can be fixed easily using the same Zune software you used to transfer the albums to the device.

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Unfortunately, you don’t get free artwork like this when you rip an audio CD — the discs aren’t manufactured with digital cover art stashed somewhere on an empty track.

With a scanner, however, you can scan the cover art and save it in a graphics format that i Tunes (and its underlying graphics technology, Quick Time) understands — JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, or Photoshop. To remove the artwork from a song, view the artwork in a larger window, or resize the artwork, choose File, Get Info and click the Artwork tab.

Or with a Web browser, you can visit Web pages to scout for suitable art; just Ctrl-click (Mac) or right-click an image (PC) to download and save the image on your hard drive. You can add a different image, add several images, delete the images with the Add or Delete buttons, or resize images with the size slider.

(Most graphics on the Web are in JPEG or GIF format, so you don’t have to convert anything.) To add the artwork to a song, select the song in your i Tunes library, and drag the artwork’s image file from a folder into the artwork viewing area in the bottom-left corner of the i Tunes window. Enable the Artwork field by selecting its check box. A warning message displays: Are you sure you want to change the artwork for multiple items? You can remove the artwork for an entire album by opening the Multiple Song Information dialog (choose File, Get Info after selecting the album), enabling the Artwork field, and then clicking OK.

To add the same image as artwork for an entire album of songs (rather than just individual songs), select the album in Browse view first (or select all the songs in the album in song list view), and then drag the image file into the artwork viewing area. When you add a check mark to a field, i Tunes assumes you want that field changed in all the selected songs. Drag the graphics file directly over the blank Artwork well in the Multiple Song Information dialog. Because you haven’t added anything to the Artwork field, i Tunes replaces the artwork with nothing, effectively deleting the artwork.

You can also add the artwork to an album while editing multiple songs at once. In Browse view, select the album in your i Tunes library. Choose File, Get Info or press Command-I (Mac) or Ctrl-I (PC). Make sure that no other check box is selected except Artwork.

Normally, i Tunes finds and adds album art when it’s missing. Before you decide to manually add album artwork for all your tracks, let i Tunes give it a try.

Provided you bought music legally, i Tunes will keep it organized. i Tunes can still fail to find album art or add it to a track. Right-click any track in your i Tunes library and select ‘Get info’ from the context menu. Right-click the album art, or the empty space if there is no artwork, and select ‘Get Album Artwork’.

The meta data tells i Tunes which album and artist a track belongs to.

It is the basic information needed to find artwork.

Note: If album art for a file appears in your i Tunes library but not on Google Play, it's likely that the album art was added by i Tunes and wasn't included in your original music file.