Our NKBA certified (CKD) designers will examine your existing kitchen and create a beautiful new floor plan that embraces your family’s lifestyle in both form and function.

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Often the assistance of an interior designer is requested to help select or coordinate paint colours, window coverings, furniture, and the like.

Bella Kitchens combines all of these talents under one umbrella.

This helps ensures a cohesive design and a stress-free remodeling experience for our clients.

Bella Kitchens can design, furnish, and install all the necessary components (see product procurement) to facilitate a complete kitchen remodel.

Chuck Franklin Glass Studio has partnered with the Mc Cormick & Schmick's national restaurant chain for over 40 years.

Each installation includes multiple windows, dome ceilings, 48" diameter lamps, and multiple wall sconces.

Sometimes existing kitchens are enlarged, added-on to the house, or relocated to other areas of the home.

This often leads to updating of other areas of the home as well.

Chuck's studio has a proven track record of completing large jobs on time and within budget.

We also do glasswork for remodeling and updating your business.

Bella Kitchens is a family owned and a Toronto based, Fine custom cabinetry and wood work company that provides high-end, unique, luxurious and outstanding designs and products.