Updating BIOS is advisable in the instance of new features (like support for new CPUs and unlocking CPUs) or fixed features (often, this is RAID). After some further research I figured that I should perhaps upgrade my BIOS, so I searched and managed to download the latest version (v1804) as a ROM file.

starams5 I'm not exactly sure what it is you're trying to update, EZ-Flash 2 or your bios.

You can't update EZ-Flash 2, on rare occasions I've seen a bios update address an issue with EZ-Flash 2 but you can't install the utility separately.

As late as the year 2000, updating the BIOS of your motherboard was a risky endeavor that could only be done with a floppy disk and drive, and required knowledge of the DOS prompt and command line syntax.

In order to ease things, motherboard manufacturers started to incorporate simpler means of updating the BIOS without needing a floppy disk or drive.

Press "Enter" when you have highlighted the update file.

EZ Flash will check the contents of the file to be sure it matches the current system.

Note that some modern board manufacturers (MSI and ASRock both included) will also allow BIOS flashing over ethernet or wireless connection, though USB is still the easiest and safest method.

Warnings & Notes Abrupt power loss or power disruption by the user can brick the board -- meaning it will be as useful as a brick when it comes to computing.

Asus Update is for 32-bit only, AFUDOS doesn't appear to work on my Windows 7 64-bit system (I think it's supposed to run in DOS or something - but that just sounds confusing since I know nothing about DOS). Major - Serious software for the not so serious geek. Disable any existing Anti-Virus applications in the system. - There is no need to update the BIOS of your motherboard if your computer is working properly.