Safe Use of Plugs When inserting or detaching the plug and cord of an appliance into an electrical outlet be sure to hold the base of the plug securely.Don’t just pull the cord when you want to unplug it from the outlet because that may cause damage.If this wire isn’t present, do not install the three-pronged outlets because they won’t be grounded.

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Make sure that the covers are all intact and don’t have any exposed wires or gaps between the electrical outlet and the surrounding wall.

Cracks or holes in electrical outlets should be replaced or repaired.

Another option for updating electrical outlets is to install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GCFI) outlets.

This safety features provides protection against accidental electrocutions.

Even if you have the expertise to do simple repairs and replacements of electrical outlets, be sure to follow all the proper safety measures.

Updated Outlets Many older homes have two-pronged outlets with outdated wiring.They are trained to always respect your home and be mindful of your time. Generation 3 Electric is fully licensed and insured.You will never get a machine when calling our office; a friendly voice will always be there to assist you.The GCFI will detect ground faults and interrupt the flow of electricity in order to prevent electrical discharges and fires.Damaged and Incorrectly Installed Outlets A major cause of electrical accidents in household is the presence of outlets that are not properly installed or maintained.Worn-out or faulty outlets are one of the most common causes for electrical fires and electrocutions at home.