You can only attach one social network action per trigger, so if you need to post to more than two at once, you'll have to set up multiple applets.When composing your final action, you're asked to specify some "ingredients." The main ingredient you want is the status message you created in the trigger.

Once you've created an account on IFTTT, click your account name then choose New Applet.

Select the social network you want to act as the trigger (Twitter, for example), then the one you also want to post to at the same time (Facebook, perhaps).

If you find yourself sharing a lot of links on your social networks, then try installing the Buffer extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

The service also works via apps for Android and i OS.

But you can use existing templates to ease your way in, and Flow displays plenty of help at each stage.

These days, many of your favorite social networks are already connected, so cross-posting is built right in.

Next, pick the social network you want to use as a trigger, and you can add conditions that determine whether or not the flow actually runs.

For example, you might want to post tweets to Facebook, but only tweets that have a particular hashtag in them or come from a specific location.

Buffer works across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.