If your is in Key Directory those commands may look something like: If you successfully login, the prompt will show your path followed by $ Do not try to go to the root directory to run the following commands. If there are any errors, you may need to run each install separately, as is done with the first three: You can search for the latest package address, which may be higher than 8.33.Run them from the default directory where your permissions are already set up right. The steps below include the address for the package as of this date, Make any required changes for a different version or package The above command should indicate how things are going.Run the page on your server (lookup how to make one, if you don't) and check what is listed for PCRE.

updating from a higher-70

You will, of course, need to follow the Amazon AWS instructions for connecting with the server.

One option is to download and install Git Bash and log-in to the server using your key.

The process below describes how to update to PCRE 8.33 on an Ubuntu virtual server (instance) running on an Amazon AWS.

As of this date, the Ubuntu server will install PCRE 8.31.

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