Learn more about CSS Custom Properties in our blog post, CSS Custom Properties in Microsoft Edge, or see Custom Properties Pooch: a Microsoft Edge demo on Microsoft Edge Dev.

Microsoft Edge now supports the Web VR 1.1 draft specification, which has been collaboratively authored by Mozilla, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Oculus and others.

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This can provide a faster and more consistent experience across websites, which saves shoppers time and effort by allowing them to securely share saved payment information.

Learn more about the Payment Request API in our blog post, Simpler web payments: Introducing the Payment Request API, or see the Payment Request API samples on Microsoft Edge Dev.

CSS Custom Properties (formerly called CSS Variables) are a new primitive value type to fully cascade variables across CSS properties.

Custom Properties enable the same fundamental use cases as variables in CSS pre-processors, but have the additional benefits of being fully cascaded, being interacted with via Java Script, and not requiring the additional build step to work.

A few of these are highlighted below – you can find the full list of changes on the Microsoft Edge Dev Guide.

The new W3C Payment Request API enables simpler checkouts and payments on Windows 10 PCs and phones.

Microsoft Edge in the Creators Update includes two broad categories of security improvements which make the browser more resilient to typical attack strategies.

First, we’ve introduced a series of mitigations to prevent arbitrary native code execution: Code Integrity Guard and Arbitrary Code Guard.

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