The more links pointing at your site, the better your site ranks for particular key phrases, IF Google has not already discounted links from the sites that link to you.

And of course, in 2017, if your site meets user experience expectations.

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A PR 5 page will not necessarily outrank a PR 0 page because in the wild, other metrics matter more.

To get a higher Pagerank, you need to get a lot of other pages with PR to link to you.

Google has an internal PR with a MUCH higher resolution. The sensible mantra for beginners should not be to “increase your PR” but rather “get quality sites to link to you” which will have the same effect, and is still important even in 2017.

It’s harder (and a lot more risky) for beginners to manipulate PR so it’s probably better to focus on just getting links from real reputable sites.

PR flows, and so can be manipulated, funnelled, blocked (with No Follow) and screwed up.

It is also possible for an internal page to have a higher PR than the home page.Webmasters have been told NOT to expect another Toolbar Pagerank Update. The December 2013 update rolled out despite Matt Cutts announcing in October he would be surprised to see an update happen before 2014, because the toolbar export was ‘broken’.It turned out that was, in fact, a ‘mistake’ to publish new PR scores to the toolbar.Google had plans to deprecate Toolbar PR (and it is now gone).Note that Google exporting a snapshot of a simplification of the internal PR scores to its toolbar isn’t a big thing in the SEO industry in 2017, as by itself, a higher PR usually has not correlated to higher or better search engine rankings.The Last Toolbar Pagerank Update was 5/6 December 2013 and Google declared thereafter: “P Google had a history of updating Toolbar Pagerank and they updated it whenever they want.