Apart from the lack of Touch ID, the i Pod touch also misses out on 3D Touch, NFC, GPS, an earpiece speaker and a noise-cancelling microphone in terms of hardware and capability compared to a regular i Phone.All of that might be set to change if Apple truly wants to bring out the i Pod touch 7th generation, especially the inclusion of a GPS function based on a slew of patents that were granted to Apple last year.Now find the IPSW file you just download and select it.

Just make sure to create a list or take a screenshot of all your jailbroken apps and Cydia downloads so you can go back and get them once a i OS 8 jailbreak method is released.

Also, OTA updates are usually not available for jailbroken phones, so you'll have to update via i Tunes.

You must download the GM IPSW file before moving on.

Plug your device into your computer and open i Tunes.

However, it would certainly not be out of place to see Touch ID make an appearance on the i Pod touch 7th generation.

There should also be an improved camera on the upcoming i Pod touch as part of the continuity of its evolution, perhaps even a dual camera configuration that is similar to the i Phone 7 Plus would do the trick in order to keep up with the times.i Pad, i Phone, and i Pod touch owners: it's that time again.i OS 8 has been released to the public, and those who have been eager to update since Apple's WWDC announcement won't have to wait any longer.i Pod touch 7th generation rumored specifications Some folks figured out that the i Pod touch 7th generation should arrive with a micro SD memory card slot in order to further increase its storage capacity, as opposed to what all the previous iterations have come with -- or rather, without.We do not think that it is likely Apple will follow such a request, since they would not want to risk the sales of the higher capacity i Pod touch models by offering a lower capacity model with memory expansion capability, considering how cheap micro SD memory cards are these days.If you would like to let Apple know what you want to see in the next generation i Pod touch, why not leave them a message?