I am not recommending it, but it’s up to you to do what you want with your computer. When it opens, run the commands below to completely remove Libre Office from your machine.It’s wise to remove Libre Office before installing Open Office.

updating open office in ubuntu-68

This how-to guide will help you to Install Apache Openoffice 4.1.3 on Ubuntu, Debian, and Linux Mint operating systems.

If you are running Libre Office or Older version of Apache Open Office, We recommend removing that from the system.

Here is a procedure to get the new Open installed on Ubuntu. The older installations used the files which needed to be converted using Alien.

I have a script that automates the process for Edgy, Feisty and Gutsy.

You are now ready to enjoy the latest version of Open Office.

You will notice that it opens faster and has better compatibility with MS Office files.

These should be taken to assure that you have a clean install of Apache Open Office due to internal considerations and/or the installation of Libre Office, if it exists on your system. Download your favorite Linux version of Apache Open Office 3.

If this is symlinked to Libre Office, remove the symlink. This will NOT remove Libre Office, this will only disallow Libre Office to redirect the normal Open Office binary -- typically /usr/bin/soffice -- to Libre Office instead. Unpack the downloaded image to prepare for installation.

You will likely need to be root to run the rpm command to install the software. cd into the RPMS subdirectory of the installation directory.

You should see a lot of rpms here and one sub-directory called "desktop-integration". Install this new version by typing: rpm -Uvih *rpm.

The Apache Open Office 4.1.0 Release Notes provide an explanation of these changes.