We strongly recommend that this software is installed at your earliest convenience to benefit from the improvements to your system, please use the links further down the page.Seeker Update After the update you will have Astra 28 listed as before but also Ast 28S listed.Many receivers have parental lock-out options, and some have built-in digital video recorders (DVRs), which let you pause live television or record it on a hard drive.

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Receiver Update date, which is also referred to as OAD (Over the Air Download) are the update data received through satellite and used for updating the software Receivers or TV sets with embedded satellite receivers.

Ast 28S is the secondary Astra 28 frequency option that can be used as you travel further South into Europe.

All future manufactured Seeker product will have this software installed as standard.

This will not affect viewing of any channels and will work in France & Spain.

RECOMMENDED SOFTWARE UPDATE - ASTRA 28 ENHANCEMENT.Then go down to 'Single Satellite Search' and press ok. When the scan is complete, a box should pop up saying 'search end.' Then simply press yes, and reboot your box as I mentioned before (don't use standby mode).Usually should find 700 channels If not your signal is weak or bad weather outside and you have to adjust your dish on the roof. Then all you have to do is find your channel list, and BAAM! (Personally, I used the find button on the bottom of the controller, searched the channel name and pressed ok, and your channels should now work! We offer a free tool, it is a full version to create your own Openbox/Skybox channel file.The TV war is raging strong between satellite and digital cable technologies as well as between the providers who offer these services.Once considered luxuries in most households, satellite and digital cable are becoming quite common as providers bundle TV with Internet and phone services to offer competitive deals and win over customers.To do this you simply need to press 'Menu' on your remote, go to the 'edit channel' tab, and go down to 'delete all'. Now POWER OFF your skybox device by remove the power cable from the device, *note: turning the box into standby does not reboot the device and will not work!