This post explains how to use R to automatically write and send emails based on automatically computed analyses (yep, everything automated).This means that when analysis changes or is updated, the email body text changes as well.Open PGP browser plugins such as Mailvelope are easier (if less secure) to use, but are still too complex for most users.

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So the only thing we could hand out is the metadata (from, to, when), we are working on how to conceal these.

We do not log IP addresses and anonymous sign up it possible.

We reviewed Proton Mail (which is still in beta) earlier this year, and were broadly impressed with.

It is a long way from perfect, but ‘is a very easy to use webmail service (on par with Gmail and suchlike) that is much more secure than most such webmail services, and which will not (cannot) spy on all your correspondence in order to deliver targeted advertising.’ As the two services are in fairly direct competition, we think it will be useful in this review of Tutanova (the ‘name derived from Latin and contains the words “tuta” and “nota” which mean “secure message”’) to compare and contrast them, which will hopefully help to highlight the pros and cons of each.

Even more than the likes of the NSA, the advent of web based email that is easy to use, can be readily accessed from any internet enabled device, and which is ‘free’ (but which we pay for by allowing the likes of Google to scan every email and use the information it gleans from this to deliver ever more targeted advertising) presents the single greatest threat to our privacy yet seen.

Although by far the most secure and private way to access email is using a stand-alone email client with PGP encryption (see our tutorial on using Gpg4win as an example of this), preferably using a self-hosted email server, this is a fiddly, inelegant solution that involves a sophisticated understanding of using asymmetric key pairs, something which the vast majority of internet users’ have no ability or desire to master.See Automatically Updating Data and Dashboards in Displayr for more about this.Go to the Sendgrid account signup page to create your account.To obtain the URL, first, export your document using Export The next line will determine how frequently to run the code and therefore send the email.This line ensures that the code is re-run every 24 hours and that the dashboard is automatically updated to show the latest results. It is a good idea to first enter your own email address here so you can test if the script is working as expected.Enter a username, password and email address and select the 30-day free trial option which allows you to send up to 40,000 emails.