Each of these methods will install 4.2 or 4.3 in a safe manner, but they have different pros and cons.

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4.3 is easier to upgrade to and means that newer discs won't ask you to update any more, so it might be the best choice. This will delete Boot Mii if you have it installed in boot2 and it will need to be reinstalled later.

Note that a power outage might brick your Wii, so do not perform these steps in a storm or other situation where power outages are likely to occur. There are then several methods you can use to upgrade to firmware version 4.2 or 4.3 (in PART 2).

It’s been over a year since a new Wii U update has been launched but tonight saw all that change.

Nintendo's Wii U console version 5.5.2 U is now available to download, although Nintendo aren’t giving much away about what’s included.

Use DNS: on your Wii U internet connection settings.

Go to your connections and choose the one you're connected to, go to change settings and then on DNS just put that code as both primary and secondary in order to keep the mods, if the update is safe, update your Wii U, if not, I suppose we will have to wait for another exploit.

For more information about upgrading, see the Upgrade FAQ.

Follow the PART 1 steps before performing one of the following methods.

You can choose to block updates so that your system can't be accidentally upgraded in case a new update comes out.

This is not needed for any games, provided you used the d2x instructions in this tutorial already, so the only protection is from updates that are not yet released.

The replacement method requires a copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2 or another game with a 4.2 update from your region (Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 is another choice from reports).