Fresh mint is a symbol of strength; the tradition is represented by lavender; vanilla gives warmth and tenderness.The top notes are composed of mint, lavender and bergamot.

And then I come here to fragrantica to see several people reporting on the new powerful reformulation.

I am going to get myself this years reformulation, as I am now quite sure that the boy wore it, it was so powerful I kept remembering it like I was still smelling it throughout the day.

All in all, still one of the greatest vintages of the recent past, and IMO,one of the cutest gourmand dry downs in its category.

I am into fragrances since 2 years, I knew le male since almost 5 years but haven't smelled it till 3 days ago. I found a half used 125ml bottle for only 3 euros so i had to give it a go since nothing to lose.

You can tell it's watered down, less powdery smell, less projection, the beast sillage is gone!

I get around 2 hours of soft/moderate projection then it's a skin scent on me, although you can still smell it after 24 hours, especially on clothes.

I smelled Le Male the first moment but usually with todays fragrances the first moment fascination goes quickly away as nasal receptors quickly adapt to the smell.

But as we were sitting there the smell was persisting all the time, with the same power.

They didn't destroyed it completely :) Got the 200ML bottle for around 60 euros so it's kinda okay. Vanilla, Lavender, Tonka Bean, with a hint of Cinnamon…