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PHOENIX - A Phoenix man traveled to Utah to bring home a minor girl to be his "sex pet."Phoenix Police report that 37-year-old Raymond Larry Burk found a post on a social media site that indicated that a girl from Utah wanted to leave home.

But even with those different objectives, police and medical professionals routinely cooperate and conflicts like the Utah case are infrequent, Martinelli said.

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The sexual conduct and abuse went on for two weeks before the victim reached out to a friend on social media who contacted police.

Phoenix police came to the home, but the victim was too scared to open the door.

None of that applied, and the patient was not a suspect.

Payne’s written report says he wanted the sample to show the victim did nothing wrong.

Meanwhile, police are investigators and have to capture forensic evidence, which in the case of a blood draw, is decaying with every passing minute, said Ron Martinelli, a forensic criminologist and certified medical investigator.

“For the officer, the clock is ticking,” Martinelli said.At first, the girl told Burk she was 18 years old but later said she was, in fact, 17.Burk reportedly agreed to pick up the girl and bring her to his home near 16th Street and Camelback Road, if she would have sex with him.By participating in online discussions you acknowledge that you have agreed to the TERMS OF SERVICE.An insightful discussion of ideas and viewpoints is encouraged, but comments must be civil and in good taste, with no personal attacks.The dispute ended with Payne telling Wubbels: “We’re done, you’re under arrest.” He pulled Wubbels outside while she screams: “I’ve done nothing wrong! Supreme Court ruling says a blood sample can’t be taken without patient consent or a warrant.