Were going somewhere where we cant be found by The Club.

Now you can stay here and have Bart send someone out to pick you up, or you can go with us to wherever it is that we go.

Theyre both terrific, I replied trying my best to be disarmingly at ease with everything, but then you already know that. Little or not, once you have them ready, they wont have those hymens for long. On the way home the two girls chatted it up like they always did and compared notes about this man and that man, conversations that two lovely eight and half year olds should never be having.

How are the They all still have their hymens intact I trust. I drove straight away to the house and instructing Mitzi and Hanna to stay put, I went inside and fetched my three little ones, plus the redheaded teenage slut-whore babysitter from The Club and few bags of luggage.

Jennifer and Tasha had completely drained my balls earlier, and I couldnt have mustered I was hot and bothered, embracing the salacious trill that now ruled me, remembering the sight of Tate, spanking Mitzi face with his long black dong, wet with juices from her pussy, while Mitzi laughingly tried to catch it with her mouth.

Visions came to my mind of her hanging by her wrists, her blonde curly hair caked with cum, her tits stretched by the weights attached to her nipples as she was worked over by a high powered vibrator, her cutie bubble butt Then he turned and walked out the door, leaving me alone with my new playmates, all of whom seemed to be awed by their new surroundings.

We were served breakfast by Tate who apparently acted as the household cook/butler as well as doorman and car valet. As I told you last night, some of the girls we have purchased outright.

I understand that youve been home schooling Mitzi and that other girl. Naturally these girls no longer have parents, if they ever did, and I was wondering if you would be interested in teaching them and grooming them.

A few moments later, Tate came carrying my totally nude baby girl to his boss.

While Reggie assisted by holding her butt cheeks apart, I pounded my eight year old daughters ass while Tate watched from just a foot way.

Hitherto, any administrator could change the role of another administrator (not himself) as super-administrator.

PMP now provides the option to prevent administrators from creating super-administrators.

She was much more alert the third day I visited and by the fourth she was pretty much her old self, and despite my manifest faults, she was happy to see her daddy and happy to go down on me, providing entertainment for her keepers.