Making her own in lane in the industry, she has worked with big brands such as DKNY, Air Jordan and she styled/modeled for Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club.

She also directed videos for Solange, Kendrick Lamar, Jadakiss and Justin Bieber.

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"Naturally, [as] women, we take on more than we can handle."Today, as we settle into our interview, Vashtie still reminds me of who she was years ago.

That girl who prefered to be behind the scenes, rather than clamoring for the spotlight.

When asked about P she seemed very uncomfortable talking about him. Here are the highlights: On how she met Pharrell: She said she met P through Pusha T.

On the type of person Pharrell is: “He’s a very nice guy.” On what she learned from her relationship with Pharrell: She said she learned a lot about business by watching Pharrell.

Her only personal rule is to remain creatively authentic and unique, something she isn't used to seeing in this day and age."I grew up immersed in skate culture and hip-hop culture," she says.

"Things from those realms and that era was all about authenticity."Though Vashtie feels social media is a necessity in order to share everything she designs, she emphasizes the world of filtered selfies and flawless flicks doesn't tell the whole story of how hard she works to maintain her brand."You have to be dedicated to things you want because there's a lot of hard work behind it," she says.

The difference, however, is the curly-haired girl sitting before me in a furry, pink crop top and black slacks now understands the power of being front and center.

She's learned how social media can act as a springboard for success.

"You might not make money for a long time, but as long as you love it, it will fulfill you."No matter which tools you use to fuel your dreams, she urges women to stop putting themselves through a filter."We question the way we look or if we're coming across as a bitch," she says, advising it's time to strip away the bullsh*t and be brutally honest.