Sovereign Lake Nordic Club is excited to offer the very popular Masters Program again for the 2017/18 season that is organized and lead in large part by our team of volunteer coaches.

The goal of the program is to introduce more Adults (19 yr) to the joys of cross country skiing through a social, organized support network. It’s not boot camp, as in rigorous and intense training sessions. Already registered for the club and want to add a program?

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To provide a fun action packed Biathlon experience for your child by assisting them to skate ski faster and more efficiently, to handle a biathlon rifle and ammunition safely and responsibly, to develop the skills and focus to hit the targets consistently while fatigued from skiing, and to focus on the task at hand, be it skiing, selecting a shooting lane, adopting the proper shooting position, setting up, shooting, or counting penalty loops while skiing.

Sovereign Lake’s Biathlon Program is entirely volunteer driven.

The challenge is to ski as fast as possible without increasing the course length by having to ski penalty loops. Depending upon your flexibility and strength this may be your greatest limitation. As a biathlete you are required to volunteer at biathlon practices and SLNC biathlon competitions. Safety sessions are mandatory and are repeated frequently to teach all biathletes how to safely handle and operate a firearm. The shooting range at SLNC is only for biathlon shooting. When the bullet hits the target paddle it falls backward causing a white paddle to cover up the hole, thus telling the biathlete and officials that the target was hit. Learning to shoot in the standing position is the next challenge. Do Biathletes compete even in their first year in the program? One can cross country ski for recreation, fitness or for competition. Combining, the two, shooting while skiing hard, is at the extreme end of recreation and requires significant infrastructure. Usually there is a fun relay race, food drinks, end of season report cards and awards afterword.

The biathlon program is entirely volunteer driven; practices and competitions require many volunteers to run on time and successfully. There is zero tolerance for unsafe handling of firearms. The prone target looks the same but the bullet must pass through an additional 4.5 cm hole before it hits the black target paddle. Program participants can rent biathlon rifles from SLNC and ammunition will be provided for all club rental rifles. If you have a PAL it will allow you to ski with your rifle on your back and this is required for competitions in the Masters Athlete category. It is a challenge, a competition – either to oneself or to other participants.” The coaches will use a wide variety of games/drills and friendly competitions to create a fun, dynamic team environment and instill a lifelong interest in sport. Is there a wrap up event at the end of the program?

U35’s is much more than a skate ski lesson; it’s a weekly evening opportunity that aims to invigorate your body and mind in the midst of weekday mayhem.

U35’s is a weekly evening opportunity that brings together locals who want to learn new skills in an inclusive and encouraging environment.

Here is the link for more information about membership categories and registration with Biathlon BC: All of our Biathlon Programs are entirely volunteer driven. At each shooting bout the athlete has 5 bullets to hit 5 targets. However this does not include range set-up and take down.

Biathlon range sessions and competitions require many volunteers to run on time and successfully. For each missed target the athlete must ski a 150 m penalty loop (or, in the case of the “Individual” event, a 1 minute penalty is added to the competitor’s ski time). We will discuss all of this at your Biathlon Range Orientation session. What does a typical Biathlon Range session consist of? All on snow sessions include a warm-up ski, a brief discussion of the lesson plan of the day, and then time working on marksmanship skills plus skiing between each shooting bout.

The program officially starts on November 7th, with the possibility of extra sessions in late October.

The session schedule will not be ideal for everyone, but it is limited by Eric’s availability.

The training plan will center on 2019 World Masters in Oslo, the birthplace of skiing.