The agreement with the attorneys general of New York and Nebraska is the first to institute systemwide controls over chat rooms likely to be frequented by child predators.

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Social networks: such as Facebook tend to more permanent links between known individuals for the purpose of sharing information.

However, they do include elements of chat rooms such as real-time chat and inbox messaging, usually between “friends”.

New York and Nebraska began their investigations this year after learning that children had unfettered access to adult chat rooms.

One investigator, posing as a 14-year-old girl, reported receiving 35 personal messages of a sexual nature over 25 minutes, Spitzer said.

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Often used for the purpose of online dating, as well as being incorporated into social media platforms such as Facebook. Online dating site: these match likely couples according to the information they have entered in to a profile.

Online dating sites may include elements of chat rooms such as a messaging inbox.

Discuss the potential dangers and what is considered appropriate behaviour online, in the same way you would in the offline world.

Reassure your child that inappropriate behaviour from an adult is never their fault and that they can safely tell you if they encounter something that makes them uncomfortable. Make it clear which information they should never share online, which links they shouldn’t click on and how to identify spam and viruses. Place your family computer in a public place and install child protection software on it. Learn about the various online platforms your children are using.

The senders of those messages appeared to be adult chat room participants, he said.