1996 Edition: CD222 £5.00 1997 Edition: CD262c £14.99 A1998 Edition: CD462 £19.99 1996 Edition - A500 A600 A1200HD. This CD is suitable for use on any Windows PC, Mac or Amiga. have finally revealed their partner for the OS of the new Amiga.(8mb ram recommended) Order: CD682 £19.99 Other cables and leads available on request. If you don’t know who it is yet, check out our news pages now.KEY TO DRIVING THEORY "KTDT" is an interactive test to aid revision of the Highway Code for learner drivers. Based on a configurable testing method the user can customise the type and amount of questions asked. As well as offering a test mode, "KTDT" offers an amount of information which is usually asked in the theory test or by a driving instructor. The fact that there is someone now involved with creating a new operating system for our next generation machine is a big relief.

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The demonstrations were only let down by There weren't many announcements to do with the latest development for the Classic Amiga range at the Koln show, partly to do with the fact that Dr. Hundreds of colour images, masses of AVI’s, and animations, hundreds of voice-overs, over 40 minutes of presentations around 400 subject synopsis’, and hundreds of ‘cross referenced’ articles. * 30 different field conditions to be played on * Very intuitive control method with acceleration decelaration * Spoken comment (CD Version only) * Game Tactics and Tactical editor * Role playing mode * Arcade mode similiar to Speedball II (Powerups, bonuses) EAT THE WHISTLE Availabe on CD-ROM or DISK Requires: A1200 or better - or Amga with with gfxcard.

Allan Havemose wanted to justify what would be in the new release and what would go onto a developer CD. A Order: CD223x £14.99 Both for just £25 EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA The Epic Interactive Encyclopedia is a completely updated product to the extent that it now includes around 20,000 subjects*. FLIGHT SIMULATIONS Gunship 2000 £12.99 Airbus A320 II £12.99 Approach Trainer £4.99 B17 Flying Fortress £12.99 Dogfight £12.99 Overlord £12.99 Shadow of the 3rd Moon CD £19.99 F117A Stealth Fighter £8.99 F15 Strike Eagle 2 £12.99 F19 Stealth £12.99 TFX CD £5.99 SHOOT’EM UPS ACTION Xenon 2 £4.99 Firehawk £4.99 XP-8 £4.99 Classic Baby Arcadia £4.99 Pulsator CD £14.99 Gunbee (Manga) £7.99 Banshee AGA £4.99 Bomber Bob £5.00 Ninja Warriors £4.99 Desert Strike £8.99 Base Jumpers £4.99 Arcade Action (5games) £12.99 Mega Blast (Bomberman clone) £7.99 Badlands Pete £4.99 Damage (18) £9.99 Skeleton Krew AGA £2.99 Total Carnage AGA £2.99 Total Carnage CD32 £2.99 Guardian CD32 £2.99 Thunder Blade £4.99 Rise Of The Robots £4.99 Rise Of The Robots AGA £4.99 Zeewolf £4.99 Star Fighter CD £19.99 Sci-fi Collection (3games) £4.99 PLATFORMERS Ruffian £4.99' Forest Dump Forever £7.99 Marvin's Marvellous Adventure AGA £2.99 Marvin's Marvellous Adventure CD32 £2.99 Sword £14.99 Impossible Mission AGA £8.99 Captain Dynamo £4.99 Steg The Slug £4.99 One Escapee CD £27.99 Seymore goes to Hollywood £4.99 CJ in the USA £4.99 Myth £2.99 Suberban Commando £4.99 Rainbow Collection (3games - oem) £9.99 Gulp!

Order: CD690 £9.99 REPLACEMENT INKJET CARTRIDGES Printer: Epson Stylus 400 8 (Black) Stylus Colour Pro Pro xl (Colour) Stylus Colour I Pro I Pro xl (Black).jb983 Stylus Colour II Ms (Colour) Stylus Colour II lls Stylus820 (Black) Stylus Colour 400 6 (Colour) Stylus Colour 400 500 600 Photo (Black) Stylus Colour 300 Stylus Colour 200 500 Stylus Colour 800 1520 (Black) Stylus Photo (colour) Canon BJC4000 (Black) BJC4000 (Colour) BJC600. Covers Rosswell, Abductions, UFO Sightings and much more.

Simon the Sorcerer £14.99 Am T ANY KIDS TITLE: JUST C9 OR ANY TWO FOR JUST C15 UFO ENCOUNTERS Thousands of documents and images that you should not see.

The kernel handles synchronisation and message passing, using ideas derived from the amazing things that QNX could do, Dr. Discover New Technologies - Build Wonders of the World - Determine the Fate of your People. Order: CD454 £12.99 BIG RED ADVENTURE After the success of the PC version. Order: CD622 £9.99 WINBENCH ‘98 The definitive collection of Workbench enhancement tools. Tel: 61 (0) 29520 9606 A1200 HARD DRIVE PREP & INSTALLER £7 A600 HARD DRIVE PREP & INSTALLER £7 WORKBENCH3.0 SET £9.99 WORKBENCH2. It also contains over 80 disks of educational software.

Havemose was clearly visible at the top table, grinning from ear to ear and mouthing “I told you so'’. The BIG RED ADVENTURE is now available on Amiga CD. Order: CD477 £19.99 100% COLOUR CLIPS 100% Colour Clips is a brand new original collection of thousands of high quality GIF and IFF clipart images. X SET £9.99 WORKBENCH1.3 SET £7.99 ZAPPO ARCHOS CD-ROM SOFTWARE £7 100 MISC PRINTER DRIVERS £3 CANON PRINT STUDIO £3 LATEST PRINTER DRIVERS £3 SQUIRREL CD-ROM SOFTWARE £5 IDEFIX’97 (SHAREWARE) £3 GVP HD8 SETUP SOFTWARE £5 ROCHARD RH800C INSTALLATION £5 GAME BOOTER £3 A1200 DEGRADER £2 WORKBENCH 3.0 Includes Workbench. J Order: CD405x £14.99 Both for just £20 17BIT LEVEL 6 f The very latest 17BIT disks specially compiled by Quartz. Through an easy to use interface you have access to around 1000 brand new Amiga disks all categorised into various themes. Simply move your finger over the touch sensitive pad. Order: TOUCHPAD £39.99 EPIC ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE PARANORMAL An exciting new multimedia Amiga based CD-ROM featuring high-res AGA graphics throughout.

The new OS is something of a paradigm shift in how operating systems work, at least at the user level. Includes cats, birds, office equipment, household items, trees and dozens more. Covering subjects like: UFOs & Aliens, Strangelife (Bigfoot, Lochness monster etc), Mysticism, Mind over matter, Myths and Legends and more, This CD promises to give you an “experience”. Order: CD705 RRP: £19.99 Special Price: Just £14.99 with any other game! * Controls via Joystick, 2 Button Sticks or Joypads.

The demonstrations of how translucent filesystems worked, and how interconnectable machines running QNX could be used, drew gasps of appreciation from the audience. Order: CD621 £9.99 BUY BOTH CLIPART CD S FOR JUST £15 100% MONO CLIPS 100% Mono Clips is a brand new original collection of over 10. Also for the first time on an Amiga multimedia CD, there are true “AVI” files (Au Video). ’ Play the World CUP or set up your own custom leagues.

CD493x £12.99 THEME PARK Manage and build your own theme park, take on employees, even sack them, put up new roller coasters and childrens rides, the entertainment never ends. Complete with input cables, power-supply and demo disk. Order: Soundbox £19.99 THE LEARNING CURVE covers all aspects of education. simply use as if you were drawing with a pen or pencil. Overseas: £5 for first item and £2 per additional item - Add £1.50 for insured delivery.

(Hardware & Software) Order: AMI-PC LINKUP £17.99 TURBO PRINT 6.x (DISK) The ingenious printer driver system: Turbo Print prints the full colour spectrum directly from your favourite software package. (Supports all the latest printers) Order: TURBOPRINT: £39.99 Q CONVERTERS SUITE GOLD Includes all you need to convert from files from one format to another. Order: CD581 £27.99 SHADOW OF THE 3rd MOON 3D flight-simulator featuring State of the Art graphics, sound and animation.. (18) Recommended: 6mb ram and 030 Order: CD705 £19.99 NEMAC IV The Ultimate 3D “doom" clone featuring stunningly fast 256colour - 3D graphics and awesome sound effects. Order: CD477 £19.99 SUPER SKIDMARKS Brand New Release! Over 40 tracks, 40 Unique vehicles: Ranging from Aircraft to Shopping Trollies. All manner of languages are covered including: Amos. It covers every thing from Fruit Machines to Card Games, including Klondike. ’Requires Analogue Adaptor @ £10 Order: PCJOY1 £9.99 3D SOUND BOX Gives your Amiga real 3D stereo sound. Order: FCD560 MOUSE PEN Eliminates the use of a mouse... Open Mon - Sat Download now from: am - af POSTAGE: UK - £1 per item unless stated.

He also wanted to make sure that proper QA work would take place on the updated version of Workbench. It features a superb new updated multi- media interface with new colour scheme, online help, hundreds of film clips, images, sound samples and subject information text. * 1°°° frames of animation * Full Spoken Commentary AMIGA CLASSIX is an original CD featuring over 300 Classic Amiga Games, Many of which are full versions: Amegas, Testament, Better Dead than Alien, Charlie J. Order: CD526 £14.99 (M games are inducted with the permission ot the authors I AGA Amiga CD. £4.99 Robocod £4.99 Chuck Rock CD32 £2.99 Putty Squad AGA £14.99 Oscar & Diggers CD32 £2.99 Bubble & Squeek £2.99 Bubble & Squeek CD32 £2.99 Naughty Ones CD32 £9.99 ADVENTURES RPG Simon The Sorcerer £14.99 Simon The Sorcerer AGA £14.99 Simon The Sorcerer CD32 £14.99 Monkey Island 1&2 (compilation) £24.99 Loom (lucas arts) £7.99 Big Red Adventure CD £19.99 Police Quest £9.99 Myst CD £29.99 Heimdall 2 AGA £4.99 Right Of The Amazon Queen £19.99 Abduction £14.99 Legends £7.99 Lost on Parrot Island £9.99 Sixth Sense Investigations AGA £19.99 Sixth Sense Investigations CD £19.99 Wasted Dreams CD £27.99 Blade Disk & CD £12.99 Ishar Trilogy £24.99 DIZZY COLLECTION Bubble Dizzy £4.99 Magicland Dizzy £4.99 Fast Food Dizzy £4.99 Crystal Kingdom Dizzy £4.99 Prince Of Yolk Folk £4.99 Fantastic Dizzy £4.99 Treasure Island Dizzy £4.99 Panic Dizzy £4.99 KWIK SNAX £4.99 Spellbound Dizzy £4.99 Fantasy World Dizzy £4.99 ADULT GAMES Strip Pot AGA £4.99 Deluxe Strip Poker £2.99 Centerfold Squares £4.99 Adult Sensation 5 CD (30 games) £19.99 Lula: The Sexy Empire CD £29.99 GAME COMPILATIONS 50 Games Compilation £6.99 Amiga Classi X CD £14.99 Arcade Classi X MKII CD £14.99 Games Room CD £12.99 Manyk:(Roadkill, Legends.