Although he's born in a flexible Mutable Sign, his planet, the quick and clever Mercury, will not allow his freedom to be compromised in this way.

In fact, he may bring more changes into your life than you bring to his!

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Instead she will like to utilize her energy and time in fulfilling her ambition. Which may lead her ignore the demands of a relationship.

However, your constant energy level and perfection helps Capricornian woman to maintain discipline. The role of conflicts in your relationship is very minor - both of you are capable to fight with each other but you both are far away from shouting or exchanging hurtful or abusive words.

He may occasionally be a little jealous of the attention you get from others, but he'll never be jealous of your ambitions.

Final Score: Capricorn Woman Virgo Man compatibility = 90%.An agreeable combination of planets elegantly balances this romantically equation.You'll have to be careful not to push one another to change; if you can avoid this, you move up to a perfect 10.Have you seen our Capricorn Woman or our Virgo Man pages yet?If your partner is a Capricorn Woman It is an earthy sign. When you love someone then it is from the depth of your heart even though you are shy or weak in exhibiting your love.You both see money in terms of the security it can bring you, and do whatever you can to conserve it in careful and productive ways.