We do not customize or modify our Diamond Series guitars or basses in any way.Our Diamond Series guitars and basses are only available with the existing and current specifications.

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If you do not see the "Download Technical Specification" option, there may be no wiring diagram currently available for that model. The Neck and Bridge pickup volume controls on my guitar seem backwards. Production models starting from 2010 have a new control layout.

The Bridge volume is located closest to the pickups. (If you own a model from 2009 or older, the volume controls may be wired opposite this!

What year was my Schecter Diamond Series instrument made?

The first two numerical digits of the serial number (found on the back of the headstock) will tell you what year the instrument was made.

The dip switches are located on the BTS EQ circuit board inside the control cavity.

The BTS has the added feature of allowing you to choose from 4 different high-frequency response curves.) The majority of guitar players use their Bridge pickup for both Rhythm and Lead, so we switched to this layout so that players have easier access to the Bridge volume control.You can find a control layout in the "Download Technical Specification" PDF located at the top right corner of the specific instrument's page. When the push-pull knob is pulled up, one of the two coils of a humbucking pickup is grounded out, producing a single-coil sound (so, down=humbucker, up=single-coil).Diamond Series instruments are not available in customized versions, however, Schecter USA Custom Shop guitars may be ordered with custom options.Please submit a custom order form to your authorized Schecter dealer, or go to our Custom Shop Calculator to get an estimated price quote.Can Schecter tell me how much my instrument is worth?