At one point, Rose holds up a check for ,000 to the camera, which she says could be the kind of money girls would receive if they participate in the show.Welcome everyone to Live Broadcast from Church of the Assumption, Abbeyfeale, County Limerick.

Riff Raff might have another hat to add to his list of ventures, as the rapper seems to be dabbling in the adult film industry.

The Houston rapper is reportedly launching a webcam series with porn star Bella Elise Rose, who he was previously confirmed to be seen having sex with on camera in a video posted to her Twitter earlier this month.

It was also recorded pretty much in the order it plays in...

The recording was some kind of extension of his time at Mount Baldy. I would initially sing and play everything, at the time not knowing if we were bringing in other musicians or singers.

Cohen gave Robinson some lyrics he had written and she built the music around them.

Cohen was so impressed with Robinson's demos that she ended up singing all the songs with him, including several leads." The album was recorded by Robinson and Cohen in virtual isolation, with Leanne Ungar engineering and Bob Metzger adding guitar to the LP's first single, "In My Secret Life." In 2010, Robinson spoke about the recording with Cohen biographer Anthony Reynolds: The way the album came about is linked to the actual sound of it.The album had a unique path and it wasn't done in the way an album is normally done.Of course as it turned out, we didn't so my voice stayed because Leonard liked what he was hearing.Robinson also divulged to Reynolds that most of the album was recorded in her three-car garage that was adjoined to her house (which she had converted to a studio) and that she would take the raw audio on a portable hard drive to Leonard's converted studio above his garage.Cohen also published a collection of poems and songs called Stranger Music and released his second live album Cohen Live in 1994.