That’s easy to understand, because people just don’t like to talk about it.Consequently, Metamucil leads a quiet life in the shelves of the drugstores.You don’t see it, but the air you breathe every day is unclean.

With a straightforward, dead-simple campaign we just skip the embarrassment and link the brand to the core of the matter. The worldwide decline of HIV infections is stalling. But most people think medical advances and prevention programs are working to end HIV. How do we get the new Peugeot Expert in the minds of experts like plumbers, carpenters, tilers, welders, gardeners, plasterers and so on? Peugeot Expert chooses side with the experts and together we created impactful billboards as proof of their and Peugeot’s expertise.

Unfortunately, inequality, poverty and politics are the real threats and they are helping the virus spread. The Netherlands is unconsciously addicted to sugar, creating a tsunami of new type 2 diabetes cases: 1100 new patients per week (NL).

Each year, over 5,000 Dutch people die as a direct result of this pollution.

It is a big problem but because air pollution is mostly invisible, people are not really aware of the danger.

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