If you like each other, then the only way for meetings between you to be permissible is marriage and nothing else. Secondly: You should note that Islam permits marriage to a Christian woman on condition that she should be a believer in her religion and she should not be an atheist or a person with no religion, and on condition that she should be chaste and honourable, not a fornicator or a woman who has boyfriends.

Any meeting or relationship with a woman who is not related to the man that occurs outside the framework of marriage is haraam (forbidden) and is deserving of punishment in the Hereafter. In order for the marriage contract to be valid, you should have a guardian who will give your hand in marriage and there should be two Muslim witnesses to the marriage contract; announcement of the marriage may take the place of witnesses.

I was kissing him out of love but didn't fall in adultery. Firstly: Allah created men and women and created in each of them attraction towards the other as part of their nature, which no one can deny.

Thus no family is formed and no children are born; as a result no family is formed on a basis of peace and tranquillity.

All of that is rejected in Islam which forbids it in a way that leaves no room for differences of opinion.

It is not one of the conditions of a man’s marriage that his family should accept it, although that is something that is desirable.

Fourthly: Even though the man is Muslim – as you say – that does not prevent us from speaking the truth with regard to what he has done with you and the ruling on his relationship with you.

But they cannot accept their son having a girlfriend with whom he spends time alone or travels with her; if they accept that, then they are undoubtedly going against Islamic teachings.

The issue of whether or not his family will accept that is a social issue, not a religious ruling.

Rather the condition for her being permissible (as a wife for a Muslim man) is that she should be chaste and avoid fornication.

This condition also applies to Muslim women; it is not permissible for a chaste Muslim man to marry a woman who commits fornication unless she repents sincerely.

Very Happy to reach your site, hope I find my solution here, here's my story. I have met a 30-years Muslim man, talked together on phone, things went well, and finally I met him face to face last Saturday when we talked for 5 minutes before he leaves.