Speaking to abc news, founder Brandon Wade was keen to dispel accusations that the site was simply paying for sex.He said: 'People are already doing this around the world, obviously for charity, but a similar concept would apply here.'A blog on the site takes the argument one step further.

They say money can't buy you love, but a new dating website is planning to turn that old adage on its head.divides users into the 'generous', who offer between $20 to $100 for a date, and 'attractive' members who can then either accept or decline the offer.

While both men or women can join either side, the overwhelming majority of 'attractive' users are women with the 'generous' section populated almost exclusively by men.

Thus, this website does not entertain the awkward chat online, but gets you to meet after the offer is sealed. The credit packages that can be availed are: Make or Accept the Bid Once you make your profile, you get to make or accept bid. Offers above $200 will require you to have ample amount of credits. It gives you an opportunity to date gorgeous people.

Hence, the process becomes quite fast and real too! This website is a revolutionary idea in the online dating world. S., women like to date men who earn $200,000 to $300,000 annually. Dating, in reality or on sites, becomes quite tiresome. Whats Your offers free membership to make offers below $200. This ensures a minimum standard and also preserves the integrity of the users. The sugar babies can make bids at the expense of the credits. So, lose the strings of your wallet and accept the offer made by a charming sugar baby. But, in case you don’t get to go on at least 5 dates, this website will fail to deliver.

As I listened to the description of the site–which allows users to set prices they’d either pay or charge for dates–I couldn’t help thinking it sounded a little like prostitution.

I made a note to myself to go to the website to check it out (for curiosity’s sake) and, yeah, I’m still convinced that it’s verrrrrry close to prostitution.

This is your playground, where numerous choices are available. Search on the basis of education, height, location, photos, online and many more. Be Informed About “Them” Yes, if you want to learn the last login date and time about your favourable candidates then this website provides it. After the date, it depends on how you want the relationship to go.

You can hide yours to stop someone from stalking yours. Sound Privacy & Security Policy Whats Your offers a concrete privacy policy. Success Stories Been featured on Forbes, Time, Daily Mail and Today, has proved gratifying for this website. Many souls have found their companion by this economical date.

Whats Your Sugar daddy dating sites furnish the ease of finding a sugar daddy or mommy and a sugar baby. Then, unlock the conversation and get ready for the first date.

One has to find a favourable sugar, begin conversations and then decide if things will pan out or not. Here, you just need to tell the price for dating a sugar daddy and no formal conversations to deal with. As for the sugar daddies or mommies who are capable of delivering a luxurious life, accept the price which suits you best.

As a Generous Member, one can choose to either refuse or accept this.