Here, insiders dish on what to steer clear of on the room service menu.

Buckingham Fountain is an iconic Chicago attraction known for nightly light-and-music shows.

Shorter blocks may be a factor when you compare offers.

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When you check into a hotel or rent a car — or if a restaurant or other business asks for your card in advance of service — ask: Consider paying hotel, rental car, or other "blocked" bills with the same credit or debit card you used at the beginning of the transaction. If you pay with a different card, by cash, or by check, remind the person at the front desk that you're using a different form of payment — and ask them to remove the prior block promptly.

Whether you already have a credit or debit card or are considering getting one, it’s worth asking the issuers: If you’re thinking about getting a credit or debit card, shop around.

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But if you pay your bill with a different card — or with cash or a check — the block may last up to 15 days after you've checked out because the card issuer doesn’t know you paid another way.

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