Whitney Thompson was the first plus-size model to take home the title on America's Next Top Model in cycle 10 of the show.

She's worked pretty regularly since then, most recently filming a commercial for a plus-size dating site which she founded, The Bigand The

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Is Whitney making a case here or setting back her cause?

hitney Thompson, American’s Next Top Model cycle 10 winner launches an online dating website for plus size women and men who are looking for them. Michelle Rudan Model of the Moment Michelle Rudan is a “Model of the Moment” because this curvy plus size model is gorgeous, super sexy, and a very talented model.

Though we’ll always remember her as the queen bitch of her cycle, most of us went from hating her to liking all of her gorgeous Instagram pics.

Ya Ya’s photo critiques usually boiled down to her looking too much like a dancer.

Our ad is fun, sexy, and speaks to the demographic, so of course we were prepared to spend $3 million dollars.

Super Bowl ads are always risque, and ours is actually quite tame in comparison with some other companies' ads."Yes, commercials featuring T&A abound during the Super Bowl.

Opinionated but not a mean girl, she finished second behind Eva Pigford (the mean girl).

Ya Ya won the war, though, spinning her silver medal into respectable acting gigs, including a potential breakthrough part playing Whitney Houston in a TV biopic.

Visit Michelle on her Jessica Milagros Plus Size Fashion Model Jessica Milagros is a beautiful “Plus Size Fashion Model” who is on the rise, has wicked curves and has a way to maximize her impact on her audiences.