ran a blistering feature on self-proclaimed "movie dude" Ben Lyons that was tantamount to a hit piece. ), reporter Chris Lee chronicled the Ben Lyons Hate Storm that has been picking up steam ever since he and Ben Mankiewicz were named as Richard Roeper's successors on the once-beloved syndicated show.Lee goes to great lengths to speak to sources that were willing to go on the record to bash Lyons, quotes that run the gamut from "he has no taste" (Erik Childress, V. of Chicago Film Critics Association) to "he crystallizes everything that's wrong with American pop culture right now" (Scott Johnson, editor of Stop Ben Lyons.com).

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However, if you're looking for a silver lining, the show's ratings have only dipped 4 percent in the coveted demographic of 18- to 34-year-old males.

Then again, as Jeffrey Wells once famously pointed out over at his blog, Hollywood Elsewhere, "The Two Bens show is aimed at the apes, under-35 morons who just want to see a few clips and maybe absorb a couple of fast cracks before they channel-surf onto the next distraction." So, um, mission accomplished?

While I do take my tacos pretty seriously, I wouldn’t say my fandom for them is “excessive” or “political” (perhaps a little bit religious though).

I would rather choose to look at the word “fan” as a way to identify and describe someone who is devoted to passionately supporting a person, piece of art, culture, place, team, school, cause, or yes, even tacos, above and beyond the norm. And if you really think about it, what’s so bad about that?

In addition to his love of movies and pop culture, Ben is an avid supporter of several philanthropic organizations including One XOne.

He is also a diehard New York Knicks fan and spends his down time traveling, golfing and playing basketball.

They asked me recently if I would be interviewing Kristen Stewart for her new movie, (which premiered this weekend).

I’ve had a lot of conversations with Kristen over the years, and as I’ve said before, she’s always been one of my favorite people to watch and cover in Hollywood, so I thought this time around, it might be cool to connect her with her fans from around the world by letting them ask her questions instead of me.

Perhaps fueled by the unbridled scorn that the highbrow film-critic establishment shows the decidedly populist Lyons, Lee also found himself unable to resist the temptation to editorialize his own thoughts: Yikes, so much for holiday cheer!