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Looks like Payson is going to undergo that risky back surgery after all (or maybe it's just a scan..worse, a dream sequence).

The love life of Cassie Scerbo didn’t go well as her career did.

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But it's important for them to know that I'm not my characters.

We're not jealous of each other, but..doesn't need to see that.

They are all about 16 or 17 years old and they are home schooled so they're very close because they are in the gym all day long.17: Have you become friends with all the other people on the show? CS: I did gymnastics when I was seven or eight, but I don't even remember it. They taught us the appropriate posture and technique, just the basics.

They trained us a month ahead of time, on the beach, running through the sand, doing crab-walks and pull-ups, everything you can imagine. And then we have the doubles come in and do the things we aren't allowed to do, like flips and jumps. CS: The only thing I've tried so far has been a cartwheel on the balance beam. I'm one of those people that when I put my mind to something I have to do it.17: Tell us about the male gymnasts on the show!

CS: I have been obsessed with since I was five years old. I always wanted to be a Tanner, and now in the show my last name is Tanner.

We talked to Cassie last month and asked her character, Lauren Tanner, would get a love interest anytime soon.

If you weren't acting or singing, what would you love to be doing? I always want to have a leg in acting, but a lot of people cross over into singing.

I saw Rocky when I was little and I have this huge passion for the sport. I would love to compete and act, but I don't think they'd want want me to show up on set with a black eye.

There is another boy in one episode, and hopefully he will be coming back because he's my boyfriend in real life! I can nearly call him my celeb crush, he is up and coming! CS: I've been auditioning a lot, and I'm working on my music.

He is going to play Nick Russo, his real name is Cody Longo. I think a lot of girls are going to have crushes on him! But, that's boring so, my favorite person has always been Leonardo Di Caprio. And, right now Robert Pattinson is pretty high up there too.17: What TV shows do you like? I am going to get back into singing and do the solo thing.

Yeah, we love the toned male athletes, juicy plotlines, and fun gymnastic routines.