She accompanies Monk and Stottlemeyer to question Dale's girlfriend Stella Chaze, but considers quitting the job after Stella attempts to kill the three by suicide-bombing her house.

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In real life, Emmy Clarke studied Communication and Media Studies at Fordham University.

During the first few novels, Julie's role is minimal, but she occasionally, knowingly or not, gives Monk crucial information that is key to solving a murder case. Monk Goes to the Firehouse, when a firehouse dog named Sparky is murdered, Julie hires Monk to investigate pro bono.

Julie Teeger (played by Emmy Clarke) is Natalie's teenage daughter.

She appears in many episodes of the show, usually in minor roles.

Monk feels obliged to help Julie out, unable to see her crying. Monk and the Blue Flu, Julie's attention to brands and fashion designs gives Monk a crucial clue to the Golden Gate Strangler's profile. Monk and the Two Assistants, Julie breaks her wrist during a soccer game and subsequently spends most of the novel with her arm in a cast.

She pays to have a local pizzeria called Sorrento's advertise on it.

Julie plays another critical role in season six episode "Mr.

Monk and the Birds and the Bees", in which Monk gives her "the talk" after she starts dating Clay Bridges.

She helps Monk investigate a series of murders that are made to look like accidents, which Monk ties to computer magnate Cleve Dobbs.

Julie also initially helps Monk out when Dale "the Whale" Biederbeck apparently escapes from police custody while at SF General Hospital undergoing a bypass surgery.

Like her mother, Julie is introduced during the season three episode "Mr. Julie bonds with Monk after he rescues her pet fish. Julie plays a key role in the season four episode "Mr.