charged ahead be it on foot, on horseback, dug-out canoe or questionable aircraft.

This trait of self-reliance initially enabled him to perform extraordinary feats of military intelligence and reconnaissance in difficult and dangerous areas during the Second World War.

She is known for various roles in film and television, including her starring role as Dr.

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Born on a Saturday 15th September 1979 (38 years old) as David Rodman Annable.

Dave Annable , whose real name is David Rodman Annable, is one of the artists who year after year obtain the best covers in the specialized media.

He was also eager to find and measure a mysterious mountain in the Amne Machin range rumored to be higher than Mount Everest.

The only problem was that the sacred mountain was guarded by the fearsome Ngolok tribesmen.

Clark, who had attended the University of California, joined the army and first flew in China behind Japanese lines.

With his intimate knowledge of local affairs, Clark was asked by the American OSS, forerunner of the CIA, to organize guerrilla activity and espionage in China and Mongolia.On Saturday, Ford reunited with his Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve as well as castmates Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, and Sylvia Hoeks at Comic Con San Diego's historic Hall H.The Chicago-born action star made sure to rewatch his performance as Rick Deckard in the 1982 original Blade Runner to 'remind myself of all of its ducks and dives.''It's a complicated movie,' the 6ft1in silver fox told EW that day.The official reason for Clark's decision to "invade" this mountainous kingdom on horseback in 1949 was his decision to prepare an impregnable base for General Ma Pa-fang, a violently anti-communist Moslem general.Yet romantic adventure ran deep in Clark, which helps to explain why he was journeying through one of the world's least known and most forbidding regions in the center of Asia.When that global conflict came to a peaceful conclusion, Clark turned his relentless energy towards exploring the most dangerous and inaccessible places on the globe.