Which is crazy because she still your business partner today (Dez white) who u have given 4.2 million dollars to on a business that is worth a shit today!I also told you about John white for 10 years he was stealing from you!You have maybe been to 5 school plays or spoke to anyone of our kids school teachers your not even on the emergency card for anything and have Never Been …..

Now, this could just be an inside joke between two friends, but the implication is clear – Nick Young was in the same room with Gilbert Arenas’ ex. In case you were wondering, Nick Young was not nominated. Govan is also the sister of Matt Barnes’ wife / Derek Fisher’s girlfriend, Gloria Govan.

Born and raised in Mid-Southern Upstate New York, Stephen holds a master's degree in public communications.

The former Wizards guard posted a video on Instagram on Tuesday, showing him smashing his Mercedes in 2014 in rebuttal to Govan allegedly breaking windows in his house and throwing his computer into the pool.

He wrote in a caption on Instagram: 'TMZ will be posting this tomorrow....listen: I DONT CARE..#March2014 she came to my calabasas house and broke EVERY SINGLE WINDOW so I decided too show her I'll break my OWN s*** before she does...

However, according to court documents obtained by , the two split up recently, and their relationship has taken a turn for the worst.

Arenas reportedly threw Govan out of the couple's home at the end of 2014 and told her that she wasn't welcome back.

Gilbert and Laura have been at odds for about a year now, but if you think their social media back-and-forth was harsh, wait until you read this. I can go on for days about the emotional, physical, mental abuse! Here’s a few reminders while you run around calling your kids Bums ( which you need your ass whooped for that! I’ll leave out the you putting me and the babies out of house for days, and the thanks giving food you took away from our children and gave it to your team mates just hours before thanks given dinner was to be served and left me to find a meal with YOUR babies! Or on Christmas you turned off the heater when it was 25 degrees outside!

It’s equally messy as it is lengthy, so we’ve highlighted several of the juiciest tidbits. You can read the full email (with added spaces for clarity) below. And gave full instruction to our business manger to NOT turn it back on!

But it's never resulted in a lawsuit like their latest breakup.