She described the moment as 'life-changing' last month, and he appeared equally smitten, saying he definitely considered her 'his type'.

Of course, Swift is not stranger to romance in the spotlight.

Plus, depending on the week, he typically sports some sort of facial hair, which is a big change from Edward Cullen's baby-smooth face.

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(Photo Credit: Getty Images) The duo, who acted alongside each other in the franchise's five films, looked extremely comfortable posing on the red carpet together — and didn't seem to mind the absence of the third member of their famed love triangle, after breaking up with Kristen in 2012 following a highly-publicized cheating scandal.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images) Think Taylor and Kristen make a better match than her and Rob?

"New Moon" era), but this time, her new style wasn't for a movie role.

She debuted her cropped orange 'do in July and gradually progressed the look into a darker, rock 'n' roll-style pixie of sorts. Since he's no longer playing a vampire who shimmers in the sunlight, Pattinson has been spending some time under the California rays and has turned his pale coloring into a golden bronze hue.

Sharing the same name, equally successful careers and cute as a button appeal, it's a match made in Hollywood heaven.

And for Twilight star Taylor Lautner and country singer Taylor Swift it looks like things are starting to get serious.But a lot has changed since the days of Team Edward vs.Team Jacob: Fans were obsessed with Pattinson and Stewart after discovering they'd be playing Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan in the movie adaptation of the beloved young-adult series.It was the pair's second date in a week - on Sunday they sat side-by-side during a basketball match at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.The stars first met while filming the upcoming ensemble romantic comedy Valentine's Day, where they shared an on-screen kiss.Do you think the Twilight Saga has some pretty screwed up messages in it? Are You Going To The Twilight Saga Marathon Before Breaking Dawn Part 2?