Last month, with the whole #Oscars So White controversy going on, that's pretty much what you'd been saying, that it’s not like this anything new.

And I believe you said, there was a small pool of films for the Academy to choose from.

I cut mine before college, though." Singleton told another questioner the secret of a successful pitch meeting.

"If you can get people laughing, you're winning.

Or was this just the one that worked out schedule-wise? They handed me a script and said, “Hey, this is what we want you to do,” and I said, “Cool.” They just picked the things that they thought would be right, the best script.

It was so exciting for me because this is only the second time I’ve done television. We weren’t thinking about him, because he wasn’t thinking about us.

So it’s just like—the same old story over and over again. You know that there’s a system that’s not going to help you.

You know it’s not running into anybody to usher them in. It’s just a matter of can you handle all this, and preserve your soul in doing it?

"I'm gonna be commercial in my way." Singleton, who met Shakur in 1991 at a New York hiphop club with Queen Latifah, said he's screening classic films driven by "singular performances" to prepare for his new film: . I'm not just in a black bubble, I can tell different stories." Taking questions from the audience, Singleton laughed when a friend of his from USC Film School razzed him about almost dropping out of college to work on [Spike Lee's] .

"We joke about it now, because Monty Ross, Spike's right-hand dude, wouldn't accept my calls in summer '88.

Are you trying to do more TV work now, after this and , which is with FX as well. We’ll see, but television is so immediate, and you can do it.