"At that time her management kept saying, 'leave this guy alone. They think that I just let her move in the crib after a week but it had been a couple of months of us dating." "The industry is the industry and rap is rap, but how you treat a woman that's different.He's no good.' And after The Source, there was a good five- or six-year window of me just really trying to change myself, so it kept coming up. I've been brought up to treat a woman with respect," he continued, adding, "there's nothing I wouldn't do for a woman because I believe a man should go all out for a woman that he's really feeling." After years of surviving the game — he detailed dating a certain celebrity in Miami who "played soccer with my heart" — Benzino thinks he would be a good candidate for giving relationship advice.“You can use me, but you can’t abuse me,” he told her.

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I'm really not the crying type, but at the end of the day, I'm a human being and I got emotional in that moment and I leaked a little bit." While Benzino wouldn't give away the details before the last few episodes, he did emphasize that his emotions for Karlie are genuine. "I would like to do relationship books because I think I'm at the age now where I've been through it all," he said, possibly dropping a big hint about things to come on "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta." "I've never been married, but you've gotta watch the show," he said, "because you never know." What will happen in the last few episodes of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta?

Ray Benzino is usually a private fellow, so how did he end up on the hit show "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta"?

😉Last night, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Althea “Thi-Thi” Heart went into labor with her son, the namesake of boyfriend (ex-boyfriend? Baby Zino debuted this soon after, but not before ‘Zino, Sr.

and Thi-Thi could engage in the requisite amount of drama and hospital selfies, all of which played out over social media.

Someone might be going to JAIL tomorrow, and it might be BENZINO!!

The restraining order says: “Respondent (BENZINO) is ordered not to have any contact, direct, indirect” with Althea ..

"The next Nicki Minaj" turned out to be Stevie's artist and lover-on-the-side Joselyn Hernandez, and after Benzino went to ATL to meet Stevie and his new Barb, he himself had his heart stolen by another "LHHA" castmember: up-and-coming R&B singer Karlie Redd.

It was his chance meeting with Karlie that led to a real-life date, resulting in a recurring role on the show. "We went on a date off camera, and there was a connection.

He shed a few tears in the moment and during his visit to "Rap Fix Live" last week, the rapper and former The Source magazine co-owner filled in the details that were missing on screen.