Darin said his mother was 63, though a number of movie Web sites put her birth date variously at April 23, 1942, and April 23, 1944, which would have made her 62 or 60.Dee was born Alexandra Zuck in Bayonne, New Jersey.He was famous for songs like Mac the Knife, Dream Lover, Splish Splash, and Beyond the Sea and there is currently a Broadway musical being produced on his life story.‘I’m a sucker for Grandpa’s song Dream Lover,’ says Alexa. His strong, Italian features were definitely passed down to me and some say I was lucky enough to get my grandma’s eyes and lips.

This comes on the 60th anniversary of the launch of Darin’s career in music, and follows the regional success of the stage show Darin feels that musical has demonstrated the continued interest in his father and his finger-snapping signatures.

He said the management team is developing a slate of projects that includes a biographical episodic series that will chronicle the ups and downs of his parents’ short marriage, a union challenged by their immense popularity.

“This show finally got it right,” said Darin, who wrote about his parents in the memoir.

“It’s got the emotion, drama, pathos, humor, excitement and of course the music of my parents’ lives.

Her mother often lied about her age to help her get ahead in work and school, according to the Web site Internet Movie Database.

Work as a model by age 12 led to television commercials and, at age 14, a role in the movie "Until They Sailed," which was released in 1957, the site said.

As her star diminished, she battled anorexia, alcoholism and depression, the Web site says. Dee was diagnosed with throat cancer and kidney failure in 2000.

She is survived by her son and two granddaughters, Alexa and Olivia, according to the Web site.

And although sources say it was love at first sight for 24-year-old Darin; the gorgeous 18 year old actress with the soulful brown eyes and silky blonde hair was not interested. Says Alexa, 'I was fortunate to have shared many good years with my Grandma before she passed.