The singer’s self-titled debut went double platinum. 2009’s Graffiti fell well short of gold-sales status, though it was nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Contemporary R&B Album: far and away the worst disc to receive the honor. was released in March 2011, the album’s variety of styles was already known. Rather than vanish and position himself for a spectacle-like comeback, Brown wisely continued to release new music through 2010. A total of five songs, including the slinking pop-R&B of “Deuces,” had hit various singles charts. Timothys accomplishments also show how diverse his music talents are.

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But should you date just because others are doing so? Dating—The Dangers At Proverbs , the Bible speaks of “the way of an able-bodied man with a maiden.” This expression suggests that male-female relationships tend to follow a pattern.

When both parties are mature and hold to godly morals, dating can lead to love and, eventually, to honorable marriage.

Its that fusionpeppered with soul, gospel and countrythat courses throughout his music. I have the gospel background, which is where I get a lot of my soul; the emotion in my playing.

But my music is ultimately a fusion of many influences. When anyone asks me who Id like to work or tour with, I answer everybody.

When you are not together, you find yourself thinking about him or her. The relationship ended two years ago, and I’m still suffering from depression.” Nina was simply too young to become emotionally involved with someone.

All too often, though, the feelings are one-sided—and someone gets a broken heart. Interestingly, when the Bible speaks of “the way of an able-bodied man with a maiden,” it may refer to sexual relations. It is one thing for two young adults who have made a serious commitment to each other to make such expressions of affection.The offhandedly belligerent “Deuces” hit that summer and topped the R&B/Hip-Hop chart, while Brown also appeared on numerous singles headlined by others, including Twista’s Top Ten “Make a Movie.” By the time F. The bleepy rap track “Look at Me Now,” where Brown displays some competence as an MC but is devoured by Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes' rapid-fire verses, was one of them. On the earnest ballad “Up to You,” the Michael Jackson/SWV-sampling “She Ain’t You,” and the remorseful “All Back” (written and produced by Timothy Bloom, one to watch), Brown plays to his strength as a boyish, romantic pop-R&B singer, while “Say It with Me” shows that he can handle harder grooves that are more R&B than pop. The celebratory “Yeah 3x” and the anthemic “Beautiful People,” a pair of club singles, nodded to Eurodance. They can even lead to some form of fornication.* The fruits of fornication are bitter.Some who engage in it contract sexually transmitted diseases. Twelve-year-old Oneyda relates: “Almost everyone in school has a boyfriend or a girlfriend.” A young woman named Jenifer recalls: “I remember kids in the third grade who were going steady.” She adds: “I started to feel the pressure to date when I was 11 years old.” Understandably, then, if you are not dating someone, you may feel left out. We’re just friends,’ many youths claim, even though they are spending a lot of time with someone of the opposite sex.