Actor Kevin Dillon, who portrays Drama on the TV show, does have some things in common with his character.Dillon is the less well-known brother of movie star Matt Dillon.

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He doesn't want to work, he wants to rap." During his time at Wahlberg's side, the baseball-cap-wearing Donnie "Donkey" Carroll had spent years trying to launch a rap career under the stage name Murda One.

To a significant degree, "E" was also inspired by Wahlberg's longtime producing partner Steve Levinson (Lev), and it is Levinson (pictured below) who arguably shares more similarities with Connolly's character on the show.

Commenting on a witness's Instagram video, one fan wrote: "This guy is Superman both in the movies and real life," while someone else said: "He's even wearing red and blue! ", which is pretty good going since, y'know, he was dead the last time we saw him.

Not letting a little thing like fatality get in the way, Zack Snyder recently teased fans that Superman will play "a big part" in the movie."His presence, and lack of presence, are big story points," he explained.

"For 10 years, Donnie talked about 'Let's do a show about us,'" says Carroll.

"And for 10 years Mark said nobody gives a s— about that, nobody cares." Donnie had claimed that the idea for the show had originated as a book idea, titled , centered on his own life and his role as a member of Mark Wahlberg's real entourage.

News of this eventually gets back to her and as she throws a drink in his face she breaks up with him before they were officially an item. Di Scala] at a young age, so she's learned the lessons of love. Obviously you meet people and you get closer working together. He's a really good friend." If this turns out to be true, Ferrara has a way to go before he joins the ranks of Kevin Connolly who has dated Nicky Hilton, Julianne Hough and Haylie Duff.

A source tells ; "One thing led to another, and it got a little more serious than a fling," a friend of the couple said. Jerry's a good guy." Sigler, on the other hand, neither confirmed nor denied the dating rumors. Even though Turtle doesn't have much of a love life on the show it looks things are looking up for Jerry Ferrara.

"It sounds crazy now because Vince Vaughn makes million a movie, but nine years ago when I first started writing this script, I was like, 'Do you think there's a way we could get Vince Vaughn? Donnie's sister, Debra Carroll, says that Turtle was modeled "to a T" after her late brother, who moved to Hollywood in the mid-'90s to be Mark Wahlberg's full-time right-hand man after the rapper-turned-actor hit it big.

She also stands behind her brother's claim that the TV show was largely his idea, an idea for which he didn't receive credit.

"I thought it would be very unsettling to hug him, and so it just kind of happened," says Piven.