Yet, in barely more than a year, she started a journey to complete happiness that is (almost) as impressive as her many Grand Slam wins. Drake and Williams were first outed as a rumored couple in August 2015, when they were photographed getting cozy in a Cincinnati restaurant.Drake had previously been spotting sitting courtside at one of her tennis matches, which stirred a bit of speculation, but it wasn't until the prophetic paparazzi photos dropped that the rumors about the twosome really ramped up.

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It's safe to say that a sizable population of the public never even realized that things were over for good with Drake—because if we know Drake's approach to his love life, he likes to drag things out as long as possible.

But that just proves how different things were this time around.

Beyond the incredibly happy baby news, this new milestone marks the culmination of a full romantic turnaround for Williams.

It wasn't long ago that she was embroiled in the tabloid drama that comes with associating with none other than Drake.

"He is an incredibly nice person," she said to reporters.

"He really treats everyone the same, which is really cool to see." It might be hard for Serena's fans to come to grips with a side of her that is markedly more guarded with personal news, but it's a sign that things really feel right this time around.

Congratulations are in order for Serena Williams, but for more than it seems. The tennis star announced yesterday, via a quickly-vanishing Snapchat, that she is expecting a baby with fiancé Alex Ohanian.

We'll pause here for the obligatory slow claps and champagne pops.

"Robinrazzi" is a nickname given from a former colleague and is a perfect integration of her name and one of her greatest hobbies of having a camera in hand to capture once in a lifetime moments like paparazzi.