You really get to learn a lot about our life here in New Jersey and how we spend our time and how we deal with things that are normal situations for couples to deal with, but sometimes are a harder situation because of the circumstances at hand.

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They were right out of the gate, and we had some time under our belt together before we did something like that. Kevin: A lot more of me and Dani, a lot of family, a lot of food, actually. You get to see me and my brothers in the studio a little bit.

We're spending more time here trying to be domestic.

We have had some time to kind of live life, so we can write about it and share it. Kevin: You know how you're supposed to meet somebody and call like two or three days later? Or maybe she has seen it, and I just don't know!

Well, I cyberstalked her after we met and cyberstalked to see what flight she was going to be on coming home, and then I called her the minute she landed. Kevin: There was only one flight on that airline going at that time. [laughs]Our favorite Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest is: Kevin: We haven't really done the Pinterest thing, but we follow a lot of cool peopel on Instagram. Dani: Yeah, I like those, and then there's Puppy Palace!

Our craziest Hollywood moment so far has been: Kevin: I think my craziest Hollywood moment was performing at the Grammys with Stevie Wonder. Kevin: I made sure that hangout session was cut short. I talked to the owner, and it's incredible the things they can do on that website.

The craziest married moment has been: Kevin: I think traveling as much as we do and being on the road, the craziest thing is probably having our own little tour bus.

He arrived from Toronto on an overnight flight to ask her to marry him. and Denise, released a statement about the engagement saying they are thrilled by the news.

On "Larry King Live" last month, King asked Kevin if he had any plans to marry his current girlfriend, and he replied,"We'll see. "Our hearts are filled with joy today and we are happy to share with you that our son Kevin has asked Danielle for her hand in marriage.

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