” They didn't find the exact spot, but at an entrance to the right train, they kissed. A guitarist played during cocktail hour and dinner, then a DJ took over.The couple's first dance was to the song John had sent to Shelli -- as a surprise to the bride, he'd made a studio recording with himself on vocals and guitar.In early 2013, John googled Shelli and found a crazy video she made of an offering on behalf of her beloved Jersey Devils, who weren't doing so hot.

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John knew that's where Shelli lived, but he misunderstood her intent.

“I thought she was just being nice to a client.” At subsequent meetings and via email, both were a bit flirtatious, but so mildly that the other was never really certain of it.

John, who grew up in Allentown, noticed Shelli, too.

“She was really great to work with, and she's very attractive, very smart, very cosmopolitan.

“I was thinking to myself, 'If it doesn't happen, it doesn't mean he doesn't love you. When she married again, she had a child and thought in 1980 that marrying was the only option. The waiting hadn't prepared Shelli for how his actual proposal would feel. Jim said he always thought officiants had magical powers to marry people, but officiating made him realize there was no magic power to it -- the magic was in the couple finding each other.

With John, “I just really wanted to marry him, and the fact that I was waiting for a proposal was driving me a little crazy! The wedding was not only photographed, but sketched -- by friend of the couple and courtroom artist Elizabeth Williams.She went back to the shopping board, and found a different one at one-fifth the price. The splurge: John's custom-made suit cost more than her dress, but the real splurge was photographers Danny Sanchez and Suzanne Sutcliffe. Martin, then a week at home, to be followed by a European riverboat cruise this summer. Food: Crave Events Group, sales manager Kate Hanly. And very engaged in the things she believes in.” For example, she uses her show to bring awareness to the health issues of the 9/11 first-responders and participates in many fund-raisers supporting them.After one of their business meetings in 2011, Shelli took a risk: “If you're ever down in Neptune City, give me a call,” she wrote in an email., Shelli brings classic tracks and chat to her listeners on Q104.3 NYC.