They all have their own theories and ideas for the big day but they end up doing almost nothing that they originally thought of - and that's where teeny tiny bit of the fun lies in the movie. Acting (5/10): Acting is where this entire movie falls apart in spite of big names like Julia Roberts and Jennifer Anniston.Anniston still seems to be in that "Friends" zone with her dialog delivery.

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters are dating again, Us Weekly reports.

According to various sources, "Emma and Evan are definitely back together," despite Emma's recent relationship with a man named Christopher Hines.

‘They’re having a good ride right now, but who knows what’s going to happen a few months down the road.’ The actor, who has been married twice, said in his experience love hadn’t always been a happy-ever-after affair.

He said: ‘In my own experience, life is not quite like that.’ Anyone up for a Pretty Woman sequel?

The pair played businessman Edward Lewis and LA prostitute Vivian Ward in the 1990 romcom which earned Julia an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

But the twosome seem closer than ever despite it being over a quarter of a century since the flick was released.

Story (7/10): Well, nothing was so much wrong with the story.

Four different lives, four different challenges and at some point of time, they cross the paths - and all of it is centered around the hullabaloo of Mother's Day.

However, the overall execution of the movie "executes" the story.

It just looks like the director suddenly realized that Mother's Day is arriving and he has to release a movie before that.

An insider close to Christopher confirmed that he and the Scream Queens actress "1000 percent broke up." Emma and Evan first began dating in 2012, and got engaged over the holidays in 2014.