I know the disclaimer at the top seems extreme, but for many it’ll be needed.

These movies may not be everyone’s first choice for disturbing films, but these are the films that when we here at TD had a chance to glance at… Since the beginning of time man has found various ways to entertain themselves.

Accompanying these horrific scenes Lynch finds a way to make the sound design in this film equally, if not more creepy by just piling on everything from crying babies to hypnotic industrial sounds.

The mixture of these two elements against the graininess of the film creates a mixture that brings it right into our number 10.

All of them are brutal, disgusting, innovative, and in some cases vomitous.

One scene in particular, in an effort to not give too much away, involves a burlap sack, vomit, a dog bowl, and one hungry maimed man.

All these bloody scenes created at the hands of Henry (Rooker).

We follow Henry throughout the film as he slays victim after victim and the next murder being more gruesome than the previous.

The story follows Shigeharu Aoyama (Ryo Ishibashi), a middle-aged widower, who finally begins to make his way back into the dating scene after losing his wife almost seven years prior.

He decides to use an unconventional way of doing so by holding a fake audition in order to hopefully capture the woman of his dreams.

We find out that this girl has been harmed by many men in her past since she was a little girl.