One of the main benefits of working with a personal trainer is that they get you through your workouts even when you don't want to be there.

That extra motivation – to actually turn up at the gym, and to push through tough workouts – just isn't available through an online programme.

Ibodz offers a free membership platform, tailored to your individual measurements, weight and training goal.

The rub Online training does work (I've seen the results), but it's definitely not for everyone.

Normally, I recommend it to seasoned exercisers who don't need instruction in the gym and who won't lose motivation without the direct accountability of someone hovering over them.

This could drastically reduce the efficiency of the workout, and even make it dangerous.

The drawback can be mediated by enlisting the help of a live trainer to demonstrate proper technique of the prescribed exercises, or by introducing video workouts. While a high quality program can be delivered with ease over the phone or email, there's zero guarantee that it will be successfully completed.

Rather than be limited to the knowledge base of the trainers at your local gym, you can call upon the advanced understanding of people from all over the world. Start by reading their client reviews, look at their mentions in the media and have a browse of their social media activity and article writing. When a standout personal trainer begins to develop a reputation for delivering results, they tend to get busy very fast.

You will soon get a feel for whether they are the type of individual you would be comfortable working with and if they are keeping up to date with the industry in general. The result of this is that they get booked up pretty soon and new clients find it very difficult to get sessions. Many online trainers provide comprehensive online support in the form of answers to emails, dietary guidelines and the ability to have your weekly food journal assessed.I'll take you through them and leave it up to you to make your own mind up. This is great for the consumer, because it provides instant access to highly skilled coaches from all over the world.A good reputation can travel a long way in the fitness community, so online training allows the everyman to work under big name trainers.They have a comprehensive process to evaluate the merits of trainers, and there's also a very intuitive review system for customers.The site's shop section offers books and video programs from top trainers.I know of one trainer who works from his home in Berkshire, with the majority of his online client base in South America.